First Jianbing in Tehran

Jianbing now in Tehran , IRAN


One of the most popular street food in China, Jianbing can be easily found in many cities. The characteristics of jianbing account for its popularity in China and the West.


First, jianbing is never ‘pre-cooked’. In order to preserve its crispness, customers have to wait for their turn, which often results in a queue, although the preparation time is short. Part of the attraction is that customers can watch the raw ingredients come together to form the dish.


Jianbing can satisfy different people’s tastes as it can be made with many different ingredients and mixed with different sauces, jams and flavors in different proportions. According to the vendors outside East China Normal University, though some customers like spicy flavors and some do not like cilantro, they can create their own jianbing.


The low cost of jianbing is also one of the reasons for its popularity, as the basic ingredients are themselves inexpensive.


Besides, jianbing is a type of Bing that has rich nutrient values. It contains abundant nutrients as it can be made of soybeans, mung beans, black beans, lettuce, peanuts and eggs.


The taste of jianbing is also major reason for its popularity.In the book Food and Chinese Culture: Essays on Popular Cuisine, it is described that the look and smell of Jianbing Guozi are as good as its taste, and it tastes better when serving with green garlic and fermented flour sauce with the sweetness of its crispy layer.


Now for the first time jianbing come to Iran , the original taste with live show in jazireh food court , Ab o Atash Park .


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